Paper terms

Glossy Paper

Glossy papers generally offer the widest color range and best resolution, but they suffer from glare which can be a problem under certain lighting conditions. As pointed out above, glossy paper is excellent for photos that will be handled in their "naked" state. They may show fingerprints, but they are usually quite durable, to the point where you can easily wipe off smudges or fingerprints without harming the prints. Coated sheet and most popular.  Not ideal to write on.

Silk/Dull/Satin Paper

Semi-gloss or "luster" papers offer a good compromise between glare, color range, and durability. With a color range close to that of glossy paper, you can be sure you are getting the full power of your printer while at the same time reducing glare and smudges. Semi-gloss papers may not completely eliminate glare but most of them reduce glare to a point where it is not an issue except under the most extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles.  Coated sheet.  Not ideal to write on

Matte Paper

Coated paper with a dull, no-gloss finish without luster is known as matte finish or just matte. Ink colors often appear softer on a matte finish. Text can be easier to read on matte finish papers than on glossier finishes. Photographs may be more vibrant on glossy paper; however a matte finish can give portraits a softer appearance. Often confused with dull finsh.  Easy to write on using alsmost any pen or marker

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is exactly what it sounds like – paper that has no extra coating or paper finishing.  Since there is no coating, there is no glare on the surface, which makes it ideal for prints that have a lot of text or reading materials. Since there is no coating, this is the most porous paper.  Mainly used for text pages for books.  Not idea for color images


Paper Weights

  • 80# text gloss, satin or matte, 3.7 pt
  • 100# text gloss satin or matte, 4.5 pt
  • 80# gloss or dull cover, 7pt
  • 80# matte cover, 9pt*
  • 100# gloss or dull cover, 9pt* (most used)
  • 100# matte cover, 11.3pt
  • 12pt gloss cover, 12pt
  • 14pt gloss cover, 14pt
  • 80# Uncoated cover, 10.9pt
  • 70# uncoated opaque, 5.2pt


*U.S. Post office minimum for post cards

1 pt = .001"


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