When you order custom posters, business cards or other custom products, you will  be asked to upload a PDF file containing your layout. To make sure that your PDF can be printed properly, it must meet certain quality criteria. If a PDF file looks good on screen and prints nicely on your home printer, that is no guarantee that it will also print properly on a printing press




PDF Files

  •  Multiple PDF file uploads is not supported.  All PDF files to be printed must be combined into a single PDF documnet. These pages must be in the correct order.
  • All the pages within the PDF document must have the same size.
  • There should be no empty pages. Pages may not contain annotations (sticky notes) in the area that will be printed.
  • If the design calls for images or color bleeds, there should be a minimum of .125" on all sides for trim. Alternate solutuon is to make your document .125" larger on all sides and know that .125" will br trimmed off.  For example an 8.5x11 finished size document should be created as 8.75x11.25. This alternate method is mainly for people using microsoft publisher. 


Application specific guidelines


Adobe InDesign CS2 to CS6 & CC

To properly export PDF files from Adobe InDesign we recommend to install the preset which can be downloaded here.


QuarkXpress 7.2 to 10

To properly export PDF files from Quark we recommend to install the preset which can be downloaded here.


Adobe Photoshop

Please do not create documents in Adobe Photoshop. Unless you are very careful, text is stored as an image in a Photoshop document. This causes it to be printed slightly blurred. Editing images in Photoshop for inclusion in a layout is obviously no problem!